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The industry and what it takes

The industry and what it takes

Some very major steps revolve around the process of getting signed. The first step includes making sure your music is getting great feedback. Don’t attempt to get signed just yet if your music hasn’t reached its highest potential. You have to deal with contracts and making sure that they are the right choice and what is best for you. You also have to understand that a record label is a business that you should be taking seriously. Never blow them off or waste their time. Overall, labels are just looking for a hit song that will get a lot of attention. Another great tactic used by many people who are looking to get signed is to connect with others. Social media is a perfect place to communicate with people and get your music out there. While signed to a label, its much easier to get publicity and to advertise yourself as an artist. A ton more feedback, whether being good or bad, and you will have an easier time working with well known producers and artists. But, you also lose a lot of freedom. You have to release your art when your label wants you to. You can have restrictions on what you can or can’t say and will probably have to stay within boundaries that come within their rules. The importance to reading the contract is key. Never sign unless you read the whole thing. Could be the difference between becoming a millionaire and losing it all.

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17 year old local artist from Syracuse, New York. Looking to change the world with the lyrics brought by myself, and to give all of you what you\'re looking for in this industy.

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